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Data, Technology and Measurement

Digital Transformation
ANA Digital transformation

A trend brief on why brands must embrace digital transformation for their survival, growth and future success

Brands in Walled Gardens
WARC Brands in walled gardens

Why marketers now need to grow their brands within ecosystems they can’t control

Artificial intelligence
ANA Artificial Intelligence

A trend brief on AI and how its evolution can create new applications for marketing

Anatomy of Effectiveness
WARC Anatomy of effectiveness

An evidence-based framework to help marketers invest their budgets in activity that works

ANA Blockchain

A trend brief on blockchain, the potential to remedy many of the trust issues in advertising

Raja Rajamannar
WARC Mastercard’s tech lessons

Raja Rajamannar, CMO at Mastercard, on the industry’s approach to data and technology

Internet of Things
ANA Internet of Things

A trend brief on why the IoT can give marketers a unique window into consumer behaviour

Brand Innovation, Creativity and Experience

Consumer Experience
Cannes Lions Consumer experience

Understand how brands are reaching out to create and collaborate with consumers in new ways

Pivot Back To Brand
WARC Pivot back to brand

Discover why brands are looking again at long-term brand-building after years of short-term thinking

Future Proofing the Business
Cannes Lions Future proofing the business

Why brands are bringing creativity in-house and how agencies need to respond

Global Creativity Report
Cannes Lions Global Creativity Report

Insights from the agenda-setting report benchmarking creativity and effectiveness

Voice Marketing
ANA Voice marketing

A trend brief on the power of voice technology and the competitive advantage it gives

Brand Impact
Cannes Lions Brand impact

See how brands can be change agents for how we behave, represent and preserve our world

Talent, Development and Organisation

Digest 3
Cannes Lions CMO Digest: Talent development

Eradicating the talent gap means elevating traditional skill sets and overhauling marketing education

Julia Goldin
WARC How marketing can overcome the talent crunch

Julia Goldin, CMO at LEGO Group, discusses the talent challenges facing marketing

Growth stacks and marketing success
WARC “Growth stacks” and marketing success

How three core pillars of marketing – or “stacks” – are re-shaping the entire marketing ecosystem

How marketing can lead in business
WARC How marketing can lead in business

A new framework to help marketers make marketing a leading force within their business

Society and Sustainability

The Greta Effect and Sustainability
WARC The Greta effect and sustainability

Why marketers must respond credibly to consumer expectations of brands and the environment

Diversity, inclusivity and accessibility
Cannes Lions Diversity, inclusivity and accessibility

Why business is changing its internal core values

Bob Liodice
ANA Discovering brand purpose

A playbook for marketers to uncover the questions that should drive every aspect of their business

Digest 2
Cannes Lions CMO Digest: Society & Sustainability

Understand why marketing leaders have a responsibility ally business growth with social purpose

Mark Pritchard
WARC Balancing purpose with growth 

Marc Pritchard, Chief Global Brand Officer at P&G, reveals why he is driving growth by doing good

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